My story

My name is Dora Halasz, but my friends call me Dori. I have always been seeking something creative, and everlasting. Something that stays with me for a long time, brings memories, cheers me up, or makes me feel sexy and confident.

In 2010 was the first time I tried silversmithing. After the first hour of playing around with the tools and metals I knew that it was what I wanted to do. I started to take courses, and I learned a lot of techniques, approaches from all over the world. And, this curiosity drives me to get to know more and expand my horizons all the time. 

Traveling, and women of the 21st century inspire me the most. I want to create for them something everlasting, diverse in this rushing world. Something that shows their self-confidence, their uniqueness and their courage. Diversity, mixing impressions and cultures make my jewelry different, and I want to give the colourful world to you through my pieces.
It's OK to be yourself. Dare to be yourself.